Flepcher specializes in manufacturing of Prossional Public Address System, Portable Speakers PA Speaker and Professional Sound SYstem. Founded in Australia in 2005, Flepcher provides a comprehensive range of PA system to professional Sound System throughout Malaysia.
Products - Flepcher Public Address System - Mixer Amp, Pre Amp, Power Amp - FLP-MXC-4+3


As a mixer, the MXC-4+3 features 5 balanced MIC inputs, 3 AUX level inputs and 1 EMC priority level inputs. As a component in a PA system, it plays a crucial bridge to a synergistic outcome with the external recorder. Built to endure the tough environment, it is shelled in a durable metal casing with a matte black finish to polish off its practical edge. In terms of usability, priority muting is achieved via MIC 1 and EMC for overriding music for paging and emergency alarms. Aside from that, individual gain control is provided for MIC while bass and treble are deployed for overall tone control.


  • Priority overriding function
  • MIC balance input with phantom power
  • Individual gain controls for MIC
  • Base and Treble control
  • 24VDC power supply
  • Both Independent and Master volume control
  • Chime generator with 4 different tones


 Inputs MIC 1, 2, 3 and 4:
 Output 2.5mV / 2kOhms balance; 5mV / 1kOhms Unbalance
 AUX 1, 2, 3: 10kOhms / 300mV Unbalance
 EMC: 775mV / 15kOhms Unbalance
 775mV 600Ohms
 Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20kHz ( 1 dB)
 Signal / Noise Ratio MIC input: 80 dB; AUX input: 85 dB
 Tone Bass: 10 dB at 100Hz; Treble: 10 dB at 10kHz
 Phantom Power 48V
 Protection AC Fuse
 Power Input ~230V / 50Hz, 24VDC
 Weight 3.75kg
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